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2 Days Ago

Johny's Wares

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/12/2015

20 Days Ago

Nanny M's Mobility Scooters

Special Offer

Valid until: 24/12/2014

21 Days Ago

Bua Thai

Special Offer

Valid until: 18/12/2014

23 Days Ago

Keystay Holiday Homes & Short Lets

Special Offer

Valid until: 18/12/2014

25 Days Ago

Pfb Sameday

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/10/2014

60 Days Ago

Bikes Of Brighton

I picked up a puncture at a funeral in Worthing ( great day) and limped into Brighton via airline stops - luckily I have family in town so stayed there and rang round. This was the only place that could provide help and unfortunately that meant a new set of tyres. The only set they had for my. 08 Blade were Dunlop Q2's. They were busy and told me it may be an all day wait. As it turned out they got me on my way back to London before 1 pm. They were on the pricey side ( £50-60 more than I would have paid in London ). But other than that no complaints. ( well one they did nt clean/ wipe the wheels which takes 2 minutes but shows care. Other than that I have to say thanks - nice old gent in the shop and the mechanic gave me a few minutes on an unrelated enquiry which was well informed and useful. So I read the bad write ups here but have to say, within the limits of my requirements- I found them very good. Gary S London

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

64 Days Ago

Aerial Services Ltd

I recommend Aerial Services as a best quality service provider in aerial service industries. They are expert in their work & provide instant quality service where ever you need. I love to continue with it!

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

69 Days Ago

Ciscos Karma

Special Offer

Valid until: 25/07/2015

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