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Latest Activity

Review: Gustamps Stamp Dealers

Mr Gus has a shop filled with delights and knows his stock with the reassuring old world charm of someone who is willing to share his experience, knowledge and advice for everyone's befit. i always enjoy a visit to Gustatmps and always leave 100% pleased. I get my day to day postal stamps from the shop now, it saves me almost 40% on my costs and also a fair bit of time as i don't need to queue for every in the post office. great value and town center, recommended

Reviewed by L Bonzai on 11/02/2016

Special Offer:   Canon Printers

Print your best photos.

Added by Kings Cartridges And Printers on 08/02/2016

Special Offer:   BAUMIT DuoContact Insulation and base coat adhesive 25kg

Product: Dry, pre-prepared insulation and base coat adhesive. Composition: Cement, silica sand, synthetic resins, additives. Used for: - polystyrene boards - reinforced layer mesh / fiberglass mesh - thermal insulation of walls - leveling wall inequalities up to 5 mm - smoothing surfaces before applying paint and thin coat renders - for external and internal use APPLICATION Substrate: It must be structurally sound, clean, dry, absorbent and not chilled, dust-free and grease, free of efflorescence and loose dirt. Preparation: The contents are poured into a container of clean water. Stir with a slow speed mixer to obtain free of lumps - a homogeneous mass. Leave for 5 minutes, then stir again briefly. Working time approximately 1.5 hours. Bonding: Wall surface must be smooth (± 5 mm / m). Greater inequality should be even in a separate operation. Inequalities of less than 10 mm in level can be treated with Baumit DuoContact. Apply mortar to the polystyrene board in a continuous hump on its outskirts and three patches along the axis of the board. On level ground it you should apply the mortar with a notched trowel over the entire surface. Pinning boards should be made after a 24 hour break. Filling: Once polystyrene boards are fixed to the surface, apply mortar with a 10mm notched trowel and embed vertical strips of fiberglass mesh, completely covering it with mortar filler. Combined mesh strips overlap the width of min. 10 cm. The minimum thickness of putty 2 - 3 mm. Uneven surfaces may not be aligned reinforcing layer. Gaps in polystyrene boards do not fill with mortar filler. If the reinforcing layer has not been completed within two weeks of adhesion of polystyrene boards - it should be sanded with coarse sandpaper or a special grater for polystyrene. Before the start of the subsequent steps, min. 3-day break technology is required. Tips: Ambient temperature, substrate and material during processing and at least 12 hours of application may not be lower than +5 ° C. Do not use any additives and admixtures. High humidity and low temperatures significantly extend the drying time of the product. In the case of the surface elevation of reinforcement with fiberglass mesh, note that it is not damaged or does not remain exposed (not covered by a layer of mortar putty). With double reinforcement, apply a second coat after at least one day. Wash the tools immediately after using the mortar, with clean water. In the course of work remember to protect areas which can be at risk of contact with mortar (glass, ceramics, metal, etc.). Recommended finishes: mineral, acrylic, silicone and silicate renders Consumption as an insulation adhesive: 4 kg/m2 Consumption as a base coat: 5 kg/m2 Application temperature: +5 to +25 ° C Mixing ratio 4.5 - 5.0 liters of water per 25 kg Prepared mortar should be used in approximately 1.5h Related Products BOLIX U Insulation and base coat adhesive - 25kg BOLIX U Insulation and base coat adhesive - 25kg £13.68 Ex Tax: £11.40 Add to Cart BAUMIT OpenContact Breathable insulation and base coat adhesive 25kg

Added by Pb Supplies Ltd / Baumit Insulation on 04/02/2016

Review: Arun Carpets & Flooring Ltd

A terrible experience! We wanted to use a local independent trader to support local businesses so popped into the shop near to us. The shop staff were initially pleasant and helpful and we ordered a carpet for our living room, stairs and landing. We paid 50% deposit with the remaining due on completion – like most other companies. We waited over 3 months for the carpet, partially due to the shop having staffing issues and partially due to us wanting a more convenient date. We questioned the price a week before the fitting of the carpet after seeing several online reputable suppliers significantly cheaper. I thought this was a reasonable request as the price may have changed during this time. This query obviously upset the owner, who requested his staff to acquire my payment of the outstanding amount prior to fitment, I stated I would pay this on the day on completion as per the original agreement. On the day of fitting the carpet he refused to release the 2nd part of our carpet and demanded payment of the outstanding amount whilst the sub contracted fitters were on site awaiting delivery! The owner acted as if he wasn’t responsible for any fitting issues even though he sub-contracted them out. At the time of ordering we were under the impression the supply and fitting of the carpet would be done by the shop. Luckily the contractors who fitted the carpet did a great job and were much more personable than the owner of the shop. I have also heard that the company have changed their name slightly but the owner is the same person. Buyer beware, not recommended, the owner is very rude and aggressive.

Reviewed by Carl Wakeham on 03/02/2016

Special Offer:   returning customer

for all returning customers well get 35% discount we run other discount through out the year

Added by Kks Gatwick Parking on 25/01/2016

Special Offer:   LVL Lashes Special Offer

Between now and Valentines day I am offering a special deal of £39.50 for LVL lashes. Normal retail of £44 Treat yourself to lushious lashes and book now... Covering Hastings/St Leonards and surrounding areas.

Added by Natasha Valerie Makeup on 22/01/2016

Review: R J Motors

I took a day off work and drove down from to have my car repaired to be told we are over booked

Reviewed by Nick A on 22/01/2016

Review: Property Typing

Responsive and accurate reports at great value. What else can we say other than thank you for great surveys!

Reviewed by Gerry McVeigh on 20/01/2016